At this time of the day even shadows have colours, 2018





Polyester, foam, aluminum, dimensions variable.
Installation view, exhibition Art Ingredients, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin

The work At this time of the day even shadows have colours / O tej porze dnia nawet cienie są w kolorze
was part of the exhibition Art Ingredients which was dedicated to children.

While creating the work, I wanted to get inside colours. I created vibrant spaces that invite viewers to spend some time inside being surrounded with colours. I used light fabrics that let a little light in. Being inside these small interiors with waving walls viewers may not only see the colour but also feel it.
The colours seem to be fugacious as if the light, but on the other hand, they can be touched as the fabric. The colours of floating “rooms” are arranged with colours of mattresses. The viewers may sit on them, lie down and even change this composition and watch how colours react on each other – how they match and clash.