Frame of Reference, 2016

Installation view, group exhibition Nic o was bez nas, Festiwal Zgromadzenia, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw
Curated by Szymon Żydek

Exhibited work:
Frame of Reference, 2016, textile, glazed ceramic, 1600 x 164 cm

Fabric and ceramics belong to the sphere of everyday life and to the domain of touch. These are useful materials; I stretch them and give them different shapes.
A grid pattern is stretched over a narrow strip of a dozen meters. Initially, these were drawings. Hand-drawn patterns became the basis of the woven fabric. In the process of transferring the drawings onto the cloth some errors appeared; parts of lines faded into the grid’s gradients. The checkered pattern expanded and swelled.
There are ceramic objects arranged on the fabric. They could be bases or stands for other items, or for a head or hand. It may seem that their shiny surfaces would gently bend under the burden, just as clay takes shape when moulded by hands. And that the colors of molten glaze would ripple across the forms. But this is an illusion, the shapes and surfaces have frozen.
It is a moment of rest and waiting. It’s the afternoon, the time of the day when we move slowly, subconsciously defining our own motion relative to other points and bodies.

Alicja Bielawska