…and an indescribable outline, 2015

Textile (cotton, acrylic, polyester), aluminum, steel, modelling clay, dimensions variable
Drawing from the series …and an indescribable outline (IV), 2015, pencil, color pencil on paper, 29,8 x 42,2 cm
(in the Art Collection of Europejski Hotel, Warsaw)
Installation view, exhibition Views 2015 – Deutsche Bank Award, Zachęta National Gallery, Warsaw

The basis of my creative process is the drawing as a means of visualizing ideas. For me, it is not a sketch
but rather an autonomous work made concurrently with the sculpture, often a reflection on them.
Sometimes things that are impossible in physical space can be encapsulated in a drawing.
In …and an indescribable outline I wanted to use blankets made on the basis of my drawings. All my works
are highly intuitive, being also the result of collaborations, in this case, with a weaving mill in Białystok.
At some point, I no longer have a total control over the final effect of my project, how the project will be
translated in the production process. In fact, I’m not interested in its exact replication. Technological
limitations, contact with persons specialising in a particular material or technology, offering their
suggestions on the subject — all this results in a very interesting process. I accept that chance, or other
people’s knowledge, can contribute to my work, sometimes in surprising or unplanned ways. What proved
inspiring this time was the aspect of machine weaving, where my handmade drawing was first interpreted
by a designer at the factory and then by a machine. When I started working on this project, I was wondering
how the textile could be made and I decided I was decided in machine waving rather than manual weaving.
The fact that the textile (though made by a machine) won’t be put into serial production and won’t become
functional (even if it has such potential) means that it is something ‘in between’. The fabric the blanket is
to be made of is a semiproduct, ‘almost a blanket’.