between the turquoise floor and the canary ceiling, 2016

(Phot. Alicja Bielawska)

Installation view, group exhibition A Rebours, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, 2016

Exhibited works:
between the turquoise floor and the canary ceiling, 2016, textile (polyester, cotton), steel, play wood, strings, dimensions variable
Place (between colours and lines), 2016, pencil, coloured pencil on graph paper, 29,7 x 42 cm

Only a few simple elements are needed; it is enough to build a space. You can specify its size, establish benchmarks and go inside. The lines suggest (and you decide) what and where it begins; it may be a tent or a hut, or an openwork pavilion in the garden.

The interior and exterior penetrate into each other.

Go inside, go around, sit in the middle. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines overlap. You have the impression that the capacity is not fully determined, it seems either too small or too big, as if it were a model. And for me this is a kind of model, where you can practice sensing space.

Colorful planes of fabrics are suspended on a metal structure, some
tight, while other hang loosely. I imagine that they cast colored shadows. 
A sheet of yellow cloth is suspended over the construction. A bit like
a cloud, a bit like an inverted parachute, or as a blanket stretched under
a plum tree, into which fruit falls.

There is also a space that not everyone will notice; below, under the platform. These are a few centimeters between the floors.

Alicja Bielawska