Expanding the Space of Everyday Life, 2022 (solo exhibition)

Goyki 3 Art Inkubator, Sopot, 2022

The exhibition „Expanding the space of everyday life” by Alicja Bielawska presents new works of the artist made of fabric, ceramics and steel, with the main theme of community of memory. Bielawska consistently transforms her everyday observations into objects that create the stories shown at the exhibition. While visiting”Expanding the space of everyday life” we are placed in a first-person narrative where each viewer determines their own individual route and is invited to exercise attentiveness. Perception focuses on details, different textures and subtle color refractions. Through which the artist tells universal stories of objects and determines internal relations in space. Bielawska invites the viewer to be in motion in relation to the sculptures. The exhibition is designed so that one could slowly and carefully move between the objects, observe them from all sides and always take one’s own body as a starting point.
The handmade ceramics and textiles allude to a craftsman’s everyday life in which caring for oneself, others and the environment recurs as an important element. The slow rhythm and ritualistic nature of creating objects is evident in the works on display. They are characterized by a cycle that can be represented in four steps: looking, remembering, deconstructing and constructing anew.

Phot. Daria Szczygieł / Goyki 3 Art Inkubator