(IM)MATERIAL, 2022 (exhibition with Barbara Falender)

STUDIO Gallery, 2022, Warsaw
Curator Paulina Olszewska
‘MATERIA(L)NIE / (IM)MATERIAL’ is a conversation between two artists about sensuality and materiality. (…)
In her spatial installation Bielawska creates a tension between what is visible and touchable and what is inaccessible to the senses and exists only as conjecture. Especially for Galeria Studio she has created new works or reached for ones that have not been shown before; these are both autonomous and also create the conditions for the reception of Barbara Falender’s works. In the lower gallery space the installation invites viewers to enter and look for the ‘Erotic Pillows’, creating an intimate situation of contact with the sculptures and savouring the pleasure of communing with them. (…) ‘The Invitation’ installation (2021) is an undulating form with backstreets and hollows where Falender’s sculptures have been placed. The use of semi-transparent material makes the ‘Erotic Pillows’ both clearly visible and separate from each other. Gradient shades of pink, orange and yellow contrast with the white of the Carrara marble. In the upper gallery space, Alicja Bielawska’s installation has been juxtaposed with drawings on paper by Barbara Falender. The dialogue takes place in the language of materials—metal, fabric and ceramics. One can see similarities and feel tensions between the works. In Bielawska’s work the abstract becomes corporeal, in Falender’s, the corporeal becomes abstract.
Paulina Olszewska
Phot. Michał Matejko