The Wind Was Blowing and the Sea Breeze Brought Dreams Pouring In, 2019

(Phot. Alicja Bielawska)

Installation view, group exhibition Touch the Art, Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Exhibited work:
The Wind Was Blowing and the Sea Breeze Brought Dreams Pouring In, 2019, steel, polyester ribbons, plywood, carpet, electric fan, tv screen

The space enclosed in brackets of colors creates a sculpture/site to spend time in. The stripes of color make slight waves and flow down from the lines of metal constructions. For a fleeting moment, the stripes reflect the shape of a passing person.

One can imagine that this is a pavilion standing on a red mountain with a yellow cloud waving above it. From the blue, turquoise, and green lines surrounding the pavilion, droplets of water run off and gather in a red ravine to form a small stream. Heat radiates from the yellow lines of the clouds moved by the wind. Each color has its own temperature.

This space is built by colors and shapes that are abstract in themselves, but together form a whole in the actual space and in our experience of space. Our memories and imagination create the site only for the brief moment when we visit it. It does not belong to the sphere of our physical everyday life, but is a place that can help us feel colors, space, and our own body.

Through the texture and color of materials, we can enter new sensations or feel old ones. Materials and colors allow us to experience the scale and volume of both shapes and the air, and through them also our own presence. It is a sculpture/site where the physicality of materials and colors, thoughts and emotions, impressions and memories, movement, and the sense of our own physicality meet.

Alicja Bielawska