There are no fixed points in space, 2016 (solo exhibition)

(Phot. Frederik Gruyaert)
Starter Gallery, Warsaw, 2016

A drawing on the wall and a light structure made of metal tubes fill the interior and give it new perspectives. Colors stretch between them. Here and there you can see small objects; some have soft surfaces, others are hard and smooth. These are things that remember gestures and touch. Also present, is us; those who retrieve impressions.

In the works of Alicja Bielawska, shapes and materials undergo a poetic transformation. The point of departure is intensified sensitivity to touch and color, but also forms which have sunk somewhere deep into our memory, and now have distorted proportions and are prone to disintegration. Her sculptures attempt to touch the physicality of objects and to capture glimpses of their materiality. Her drawings combine the organic creative process with intuited laws of physics and mathematics – the structures of shapes are inscribed into the swelling or shrinking spaces enclosed in the two dimensions of a sheet of paper.

Ceramic surfaces, metal rods wrapped in fabric, dangling planes of fabric, drawings stretched across the walls. Materials and shapes recall once touched objects. Remembered stories have disintegrated. The remaining fragments require connections to be drawn but they do not become more legible. Just as the lines connecting the points of the stars are arranged in shapes which make it difficult to recognize the names of constellations.

As you walk around the objects placed in the exhibition room, pay attention to your body. What is your step like – fast, slow, hesitant? What positions do you assume when viewing the works, do you bend, crouch, or tiptoe? What do you pay attention to, the interior or the objects? Or perhaps to other people who are in this space?

Objects enter into a relationship between themselves and the interior. While moving between them, you leave a line of steps behind you. Objects are reference points, you look for connections between them or focus on individual things. Maybe in your mind you move them somewhere else, finding a better place for them.

A hundred thousand years from now, the arrangement of the stars will be different from the one we know. Maybe someone will see constellations in them and give them new names.